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🎉Tiffany GIVEAWAY ENDS IN 5 DAYS💙💗and WATCH OUT telegram SCAMMERS 😡 #shorts #lvlovercc


PLZ DON’T contact the scammers with telegram numbers saying you won and get the package etc type comments. I don’t comment for winners and also why do I use another channel to comment for that? Plz be careful! And my insta account is back so you can enter on my original account as bonus entries
Or over my second account (both counts at this time) Https://

Good luck everyone👍🏼


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  1. Love to enter dear Charis, Tiffany blue 🙏🥰⭐️🙌would be Amazing❤from 🇦🇺 👋Had previous said so in your previous vlog…unfortunately I don’t do IG… 😅

  2. Good morning! What a beautiful bag! I only own Tiffany sunglasses and silver utensils for my baby.
    I really love both colors and will be happy for any! 😊
    It would be up to you, so I am entering for either or!❤
    Thank you !❤

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