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1 kişiye 150$ (2818₺) veriyorum. Beni ve @cryptocan0 hesabını takip etmeniz ve

Source by MAG COİN “Tweet atma için etkili bir mailler arasında yer alma şansınız oldu.

Today I am doing something special by gifting $150 (2818₺) to one lucky person. All you need to do to get a chance to win this giveaway is to follow both me and the @cryptocan0 account. Additionally, you must tweet something to be eligible.

To enter this giveaway, take these simple steps:

1. Follow both my account and @cryptocan0

2. Tweet something that you find interesting

Make sure to include the hashtag #cryptocan0Giveaway and two links: one to my account and one to @cryptocan0.

I will pick a winner at random this weekend and contact them on Sunday. Good luck to everyone!

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