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2022 Holiday OTF GIVEAWAY Update…One Card Got Me Pretty Emotional…Thank You Very Much!

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  1. These videos are too damn long to be staring at a God damn pair of hands….the Era of the tabletop review is dead. Time to upgrade.

  2. Happy New Year, Jeff! Glad to see my card made it. Before I found your channel many many years ago, the only knives I had were a cheap knockoff Swiss Army knife and my grandfather’s WWII USMC KA-BAR knife from when he was stationed in the Philippines(I have never used). As for a flashlight, I think I had a cheap mini Maglite that I received for Christmas. You got me into all kinds of knives and flashlights. I have amassed a decent collection of each since then, regardless of the tireless protest of my bank account. Thanks for all the informative and entertaining videos over the years. Good luck to you and yours in 2023 and beyond.

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