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24 saat içerisinde 4 Kişiye 1000’er toplam 4000 tl hediye 1. @Emrolojix ‘ı tak

Source by HASAN In today’s world, the concept of ‘time is of the essence’ means that many people are always rushing against the clock to get things done. In this spirit, @Emrolojix continuously looks to reward their customers with amazing giveaways. To show their appreciation, they recently announced their “24 hours 4K Giveaway” where they planned to surprise four of their lucky customers with 1000 Turkish liras each.

To participate in the giveaway campaign, all one had to do was follow @Emrolojix and share and tag photos of their purchase on their page. Within the 24 hours, the hashtag #24saat4kişi4bin trended across social media platforms as the participants eagerly awaited for the announcement of the winners. In the end, four lucky participants were chosen to take home the grand prize.

This generous giveaway from @Emrolojix is one of the many ways they wish to show their customers that they care and appreciate their business. As an online shopping platform, they have also made special arrangements for safe and secure online payments for the customers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In conclusion, @Emrolojix is continuously finding ways to both entertain and protect their customers.

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