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$240 Knife GIVEAWAY! MC LIVE – Knives & Knonsense

This event has ended. Congrats Ryan Enoki!

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source The MC LIVE Knives & Knonsense Show recently had a $240 knife GIVEAWAY in celebration of a record-breaking second anniversary show.

Co-hosts Tuff Smith and Brandon Morris lit up the stage with a running commentary and knife knowledge that left viewers mesmerized. Those who couldn’t attend witnessing the live show — or who may have missed it for any reason — can now view the event in its entirety on YouTube.

With a focus on tricks, gadgets, and weaponry, the event offered something for everyone. During the knife GIVEAWAY segment of their show, viewers received discounts of 10% to 50%, plus a $240 knife with their purchase. While popular picks like those from Gerber Gear and Benchmade were heavily featured, the show appealed to a wide range of tastes.

To make the show even more engaging, Tuff and Brandon added plenty of surprises. Between offers of free merchandise and various GIVEAWAYs, viewers had the chance to win more than anticipated.

With a selection of knives that exceeds that of most other shows, Knives & Knonsense also offers web exclusives, limited edition runs, and a variety of products hard to find in the U.S.

MC LIVE – Knives & Knonsense has become a favorite of viewers, and their GIVEAWAYs serve to make their shows even more desirable. Make sure to tune in and keep up with the latest GIVEAWAYs for your chance to win exciting merchandise!

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  1. This event has ended. DO NOT reply or act on replies from users who appear with my profile picture. These are scam bots/users. The official winner of this GAW is Ryan Enoki.

  2. I love that knife and I don’t know how anyone would get bored of the white the stormtrooper design is awesome on any knife love the contrast of the darkest black with the purest white !!

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