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3 Practical SMART HOME Gadgets | TP LINK Products & Giveaway

TP-Link is excited to announce their newest line of products;

Tapo Indoor Pan Tilt Camera (Tapo C210):
Promo code: 15SAB

Tapo Smart LED Light Strip (Tapo L930-5): Promo code:

Deco AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, (Deco X55):
Promo Code: 10SLATOYA

(US Residents Only)
Giveaway Rules/Guidelines:

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Practical SMART HOME gadgets created to make our lives even more comfortable are taking the world by storm. As one of the leading providers in this space, TP LINK products are designed to upgrade your lifestyle, making everything from managing energy usage to security easier. As part of their commitment to delivering high-quality products, TP LINK has launched three of their latest gadgets to help you get the most out of your SMART HOME.

The first product to take a look at is the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Controlled through the Kasa App, this plug gives you total control over any device you plug into it. Whether you want to turn on the lights or check that you’ve switched off the iron, this easy-to-use plug makes all of this possible with just a few simple taps on your phone.

Next is the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch. Working in tandem with your existing lights, it effortlessly combines your SMART HOME devices and your existing lights into one system. More than that, the Light Switch includes a dusk-to-dawn sensor, which allows you to personalise schedules based on the time of day.

Finally, TP LINK has released the Kealia Wi-Fi Range Extender. With this clever device, you can be sure to get the best connection and speed. Boasting an impressive reach of up to 12,000 square feet, you can plug in the Kealia and enjoy the same seamless Wi-Fi coverage across your whole home.

Highlighting TP LINK’s commitment to producing excellent products, these three gadgets will transform your home into a SMART HOME in no time if you choose to try them. Whether you’re looking for a device capable of managing your energy usage or a tool that gives you total control over any devices you plug into it, these three products have it all.

Fancy giving the TP LINK products a try? After all, a SMART HOME lifestyle is only a few clicks away. As part of a limited time only giveaway, TP LINK has agreed to give five lucky customers a chance to pick one of the three products mentioned above. To enter, all you must do is fill out the survey found on their website and share it on your social media page.

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  1. I'm a technically challenged, lol, so your videos really make me feel like a know a 'lil' something. The camera would be great because of the 360 view. I have a puppy AND a cat! I definitely need my eyes on them when away!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I'm also expecting (due April), so this is so cool to me. So exciting! I already have a tp link smart camera (kasa pan and tilt) for the nursery, so for me, I think the deco mesh wifi would work best! I have quite a few smart home items in my apartment, and there are spots where my wifi signal isn't so strong, so I think this would be really helpful. Thank you, and congratulations again! I can't wait to see your nursery setup and smart baby gadgets and ideas!

  3. I was looking for under cabinet lighting for my kitchen and couldn't make up my mind. This would work well for me. Looking forward to seeing the videos of the new place. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  4. I’m most interested in the wifi extender. I am a single momma of 2 boys and I work from home. Both my boys need access to wifi daily for school. Sometimes it gets very slow when we all need to use the internet. Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Your videos are always so appreciated and informative!

  5. I would love the light strips – especially for my kids room. I’ve been wanting them for so long. I’m currently unemployed so this would be a great gift for the kids,

  6. Hi Sabrina! Congratulations to you and your fiancé for all the blessings coming your way this year!!! You are so awesome and I always look forward to your next videos! After seeing the smart home tech you did in your parents’ home, I finally got my hands on the Innovia touchless paper towel dispenser for the countertop🤗. Lol…never knew anything like that existed. I have been trying to figure out a way to extend my Wi-Fi for better signal to my video doorbell, but my Linksys Wi-Fi extender is not cutting it, so I would love to try the mesh Wi-Fi. Again, Congrats, and please keep the content coming! Peace☺️

  7. I would use the home security camera to stick in the kids room. When they get too quite they are always up to something and I can just check in with it lol.

  8. HIIII, love watching your videos and excited for you next milestone. I love them all and would use the lighting and the wifi the most. Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway!

  9. Love your smart home videos. I would definitely be into the light strips and camera. Would use the strip to go under one of my ladder desk shelves to use as an “home office light” and the camera to keep an eye on the fur baby when I’m not home 🤗

  10. Love this video! Most interested in the strip lighting! I would put it either behind my couch or under the cabinet in the kitchen like you did.

    Congratulations again on the little one coming!

  11. Superior mesh Wi-Fi everywhere system would be something I would need since I have been experiencing dead spots within my house and recently increased my wifi speed because I thought that was the issue but this may help 😊

  12. Congratulations on your expectancy. Many blessings to you. Motherhood is beautiful! I am interested in the mesh wi-fi system. I have several dead-zones in my home. This will be most helpful. Thank you.

  13. Congratulations Sabrina on all the life changing blessing #boymom's rock!!! I'm slowly turning my home into a smart home (with the help of your channel) and have been looking for the perfect multicolored light strip for mood lighting in my bedroom as well as living room. I love the lighting in your place and am looking to create something similar in my space. The TP light strips would be perfect to get me started. Looking forward to the next video. Sending a multitude of blessing to you for the rest of your pregnancy 💙💙🤍🤍

  14. You’re so tech savvy!!! I would most use the strip lights under my kitchen cabinets or in my office under my floating shelves!!! The different colors would definitely be a vibe…love that it reacts to music!!! That would be so fun!!!

  15. Congrats on the boy!!! I just recently bought a home and adopted a dog, the security camera would be sweet to put in just in case I need to pop in a check in on the puppy!

  16. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    I would use the TP link light strip to add ambiance to my dining room. In addition to providing a light source for my cat when I'm not home. Can't leave pets in the dark all the time. Thanks.

  17. Than you for all of the information you provide for us who are technically illiterate…lol, I absolutely love your videos! Congratulations on your new bundle of Love! I pray that God’s grace and mercy continue to bless, guide, and cover you and your family. If chosen I would like to have the TP-Link Deco AX3000 Wifi 6 Mesh System. Thank you again.

  18. Hii Sabrina, we just welcomed our baby boy two months back…life is crazy busy these days.. i will be staring work from home in two weeks.. i could really use mesh wifi or security camera😇😇

  19. Hi, I am an avid watcher of your channel for everything tech. I already have the camera and the wifi strip and would have love to receive the mesh wifi router because of my sucky wifi so it it so unfair that your giveaway is only for US residents. I am only just across the border in Canada 😢😢😢.

  20. I also forgot to congratulate you on you little prince. I think it’s the year for boys as I know 3 couples besides my cousin who’s have princes. 🧑🏽‍🍼👶🏽

  21. I love your informative videos ALWAYS!!! Make more tech videos with mom too! can’t wait to see baby in future videos😍

    I would love to enter your giveaway for the chance to win the mesh Wi-Fi system, my husband uses his PC a lot on the men cabe and I love tech and use a lot around the house so our Wi-Fi tends to be slower in our 4bedroom home. This would be game changer for all my current tech and the one I’m planning on getting from your video recommendations ☺️!!!

  22. I definitely love the light strip. Not sure if I’m too late for the giveaway, but I just moved not too long ago and the lighting in my kitchen def needs work. I would absolutely place this strip above my cabinets and do one of the motion sensors you talked about in another video.

  23. I love the mesh wifi extender. I live in 2500 Square feet and I always run into problem with my internet not reaching the bedrooms on the 2nd floor. This would be a life saver.

  24. Congrats!! Looking forward to your journey into a new space. I would be most interested in the video camera. I feel like it would be great for my space as I live solo in a studio and I feel like it would be reassuring to have that set up.

  25. I love the strip lights. I would definitely use them in my kitchen. I just love the look and the ambiance that under cabinet lights give. 🤍

  26. Super excited for you as you get ready to embark on this new year and new journey! I would def use the light strips to do something similar that you did! Would put it in my kitchen as a mood setter for my husband and I! I would also use the mesh to help spread wifi throughout our home especially because we both do work at home so it would be very helpful! Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. So glad to have you back! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I would love the light strip and camera. I don't have any camera's in my house beside my echo 10, I do have some light strips in my theater room. I would use them on top of my kitchen cabinets.

  28. Hi Sabrina! I'm a new subscriber and love your videos! I'm currently turning my one-bedroom apartment into a "SmartHome". I love a one-stop shop. I would love the LED Strip lights to use under my kitchen cabinets. Congratulations on your beautiful journey of pregnancy. 🌹🌿🤎💐

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