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$5000 giveaway update! ASMR lawn mowing VLOG

G’day friends,

Welcome to 2023! Today’s video is an ASMR style VLOG, with some real time, close up footage. Also, we’ll be donating $5000 if a full length video (25 minutes long) which releases this year, reaches one million views in 2023!

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  1. You are an artist Sean. Ever lawn is your canvas and your heart goes into ever job. ❤️ Wish you and yours the best the new year can bring 🎉

  2. Push mowing makes a yard look so much nicer. I know it is alot more work to do. And, edging looks nice with just the weed eater. The yard looks great. Glad to have you back!!

  3. So have missed your absence and was hoping and praying you and your family was well and was just rebooting for the new yr. I am so happy to hear your 1 million views $5k will be going to Jenny’s place. What a great cause. Be well and God bless. Watching and subscriber from 🇺🇸👍🏼❤️✝️

  4. Let's give this our best as viewers everyone. A blessing for one is a blessing for all. I honestly think that this is wonderful. Nice to have you back Sean 👍🥳

  5. Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were relaxing. I'm glad you have these paying costomers but I must say, their yards are really boring.🤣 Can't wait to watch the million-viewed cideo!

  6. I liked hearing what the electronic whippy sounds like at normal play.
    The shiny black rims on the trailer look smart.
    You should take up plumbing and call it Drain Mate Pipe Care haha haha.

  7. You cut a mean lawn, man! Also, nice one mulching the clippings while the blade length is short. With this warm weather, they'll decompose nicely between mows for a free little nitrogen hit.

  8. You are a good man Sean! I always enjoy your work & I have picked up some hints along the way lol. Never too old to teach learn new tricks 😁 Qld fan

  9. Hi Sean
    I found it to be very satisfying to watch these yard transformations, so I begin looking at all The channels that do it to find the one I like best.
    You are the best !
    I have found most of these guys don’t care about doing it right even though they’re on camera.
    I really enjoy the excellent work you do !
    All the best to you !

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