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Dumpster Diving & 40,000 Subscriber $50 GIVEAWAY!- S3E2

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We sell Mystery Boxes for $23 or $28. The $23 option is a medium flat rate box filled with as much dumpster dive finds as possible (Non food items). The $28 comes with as many items that will fit but also comes with a memory foam pillow that retails for $25 online by itself. Either way you get a great deal we are pretty much charging for the shipping and fees. To pay for your Mystery Box you can send your payment to Make sure to put Mystery Box in the notes when you pay. We can not guarantee to be able to customize your box but if you would like to leave a few ideas about what you like in the notes as well we will do our best to customize your box. Make sure to allow enough time for your pillow to regain it’s shape it does take a while. we put it in the dryer by itself on low heat twice with a couple dryer sheets. It does not get very big but it very comfortable.

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-Volt Divin
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It’s not every day that dumpster diving and a $50 giveaway come together, but that’s what one popular YouTube sensation is bellowing about. In the second episode of season three of their series, the creative genius behind the YouTube channel is offering $50 to a random viewer with 40,000 subscribers and more.

This gives viewers of the YouTube series an amazing opportunity to not only join in the fun of dumpster diving exploration but also to possibly win a tidy sum of money in the process. This episode opened up a whole lot of possibilities which was made possible due to the introduction of the 40,000 Subscriber 50 Dollar Giveaway!

The episode consists of the YouTube sensation unearthing through the city dumpster in search of strange, unknown and intriguing items, which they then discuss, review, and experiment with. The series has gained a significant popularity, with those interested in the random but interesting finds the person has to offer.

The person behind this series originally started out with a single goal in mind – to seek out and find any interesting items, whether it be in a store, a flea market, or a dumpster, and then make a YouTube video out of it. Now, that one single goal has grown into something much bigger with plenty of opportunities such as this 40,000 Subscriber 50 Dollar Giveaway offer.

If you are a fan of this type of humour and exploration, you can subscribe to the channel and be part of the potential $50 giveaway! So don’t waste any more time – tune in and join the search to see what new treasures the person behind this series can find. You may even get the chance to win some money in the process.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the support. We will be doing a $50 giveaway as a thank-you. Make sure to leave a comment on THIS video and subscribe to the channel. If you are able to share the channel we appreciate that also. We will select a subscriber at random and give $50 through PayPal. No scammers allowed we will verify that you are the actual winner and not trying to take someone else's money. Thank you!

  2. Mr Volt is one of the most clean divers! He makes sure there is no debris around😊❤ I literally felt my heart cry out for all those pet food😪. I mean isn't there something that can be done about them?
    Like if shelters could request for a call if these dry food was going to be taken off the shelves and they could pick them up before it gets dumped?
    Here in my country a pet food food that size is almost $200!!
    I just wish I was around to pick em up!
    I would go around with a scoop and container.we are deprived of so much here. Our pets just suffer so much cos of the pet food cost. It's insane! Good on you Mr Volt. On to the next😀

  3. Your videos are very relaxing. And whenever you will get alot of food im so very happy. So you can share to others or use them. More powers to you. God bless. Viewer from the Philippines. 😁😁😁😁😁

  4. I hope im one of those lucky people. Subscriber here from the Philippines. Always enjoying your dumpster diving hope i experience that one day😊 godbless and keep safe for diving❤️

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