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If a hattrick is SCORED with Reus, we giveaway his shirt.. 7 MINUTE SQUAD BUILDER – FIFA 23

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It is not every day a football fan gets the chance to win a unique prize, but with the new 7 Minute Squad Builder in FIFA 23, that dream is now a reality. Developed in partnership with Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus, the 7 Minute Squad Builder consists of mini-games that offer a chance to score a hat trick and win one of Reus’ match-worn shirts.

As part of this initiative, every month one randomly selected lucky winner will receive a signed Reus shirt, sent directly to their house. Players can obtain tickets for this unique raffle in a variety of ways, such as completing Reus Challenges, collecting FIFA Points, or by completing 7 Minute Squad Builder mini-games successfully.

The 7 Minute Squad Builder is a thrilling new way to interact with the Bundesliga champion and build a team of world-class superstars. In each 7 Minute Squad Builder mini-game, users must seek to score a hat trick with Reus, after which a ticket for the raffle is granted. The game also helps players acquire coins, cards, and even players from different teams to help shape the most fearsome team on the virtual football field.

If you’re a passionate football fan, then don’t miss out on FIFA 23’s 7 Minute Squad Builder and its once in a lifetime opportunity to win a match-worn shirt from the Dortmund legend. Team up with Reus and the rest of your virtual team and make scoring a hat trick your ultimate goal! With a little bit of luck, you might just join the exclusive list of fans that have won a shirt of the world-class striker.

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  1. That's class. actually love watching your videos they are so funny and make my day especially videos with kirbs. honestly keep it up jack you goat

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