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Posted @withregram • @pragmaticmom Thank you so much @veragodley!! Posted @withregram • @veragodley New kid’s non-fiction book #giveaway on – be sure to check it out…..

This is not a book about how to grow rows of corn or beans or orchards of fruit. It doesn’t tout the home “victory type” garden. A variety of different concepts of farming and the things, or commodities, farmed is presented to the reader.

For example, there is a quick look at farming “salt” from sea water or farming oysters in baskets immersed in the ocean. Different from normal grocery store food item farming. Interesting because it gives a glimpse into other foods and methods of farming that need to be considered for consumers needs and the future of farming those different commodities.

The book with its colorful illustrations is interesting but not overwhelming. There is some detailed information at the back of the book for those who wish to know more about the different types of “farming” featured in the book.

I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.
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