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Real Life Killer BEAUTY & The BEAST?! | Catherine Miller | GIVEAWAY + ColdBlood & Cocktails

Thumbs up for being a son of a BEAST!! 🙂 GIVEAWAY:

Hi friends!
Today’s case is on Catherine Miller and George Smith! Catherine was basically in a murderous ‘Beauty and The Beast’ situation and couldn’t help but let love drive her to killing!

Catherine had allegedly been pawned off by her family to be Andrew’s wife when she was 18 and he nearly 50. In exchange, her family would be taken care of for the remainder of their life.

After nearly 10 years of misery, Catherine and her lover, George, plotted to kill her ‘elderly’ husband and run away together.

They end up telling the police everything after months of questioning and were then hanged together, with Catherine being the only female execution in that jail.



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  1. The way you tell stories is so mesmerizing!!! You and (Queen) Bailey are my absolute FAVORITE YouTube storytellers!!! 🖤Keep up the amazing work Nadi!! I love you (and your big ole floppy hair!😉)🥰 I’ve been eyeing a lot of your products for a while, can’t purchase at the moment, but I know I’ll get there one day!!!🤞🏼Thank you for the opportunity!! #MuchLove
    Good luck to everyone!!🍀💚

  2. Nadi this costume is everything!! I love your make, its perfect! How can you memorize so much and still be so freaking funny! You are amazing!!👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜💜

  3. "The Cutlery is so shiny if I dropped it on the floor I'd see my cooter." I swear I don't how Nadi comes up with one hilarious line after another.

  4. Please do more old / historical cases, it's more unique IMO. Your manner of telling stories is always a treat but your on-theme looks are always the cherry on top 💙

  5. Please are you about to release more highlighter? I’ve been waiting to try and buy it when your store restocks

  6. Really good case. Very interesting. Absolutely adore the way you told it. You are amazing. I just absolutely love you. You're the best. 💖💖💖💖💖

  7. I saw your post on Instagram about this video and I literally squeeled with excitement!! I hadn't checked in with you in a while and I thought this was your first CB&C since your last episode months ago. To my surprise I came right to YouTube to watch and I saw that you had been back and had filmed quite a few new episodes!! I then stayed up way later then I should have watching them all. You are such an incredible story teller, you're hilarious, and you have the best one liners that keep me rolling with laughter. I don't understand how you aren't as famous as Bailey yet? Like how is this even possible? I dunno but I know one day soon you will be. Any how just wanted to drop by to thank you and to let you know just how excited I am to see all the new episodes of CB&C posted!! I can't wait for more!!

  8. Hey bud! I absolutely love this series. You are a wonderful storyteller. My wife was watching one of your makeup reviews a few years ago and it was such a happy video I started watching them with her. I eventually subscribed because your content is good to listen to even to people who don't wear makeup (like myself).
    THEN you started this series and I was delighted. I hope you continue to make these so I thought I'd offer something to look into. Between 1885 and 1910 the city of Black River Fall in Wisconsin and it's surrounding areas experienced a massive increase in violent crimes, murders, suicides, arsons, religious delusions, mental illness, and superstitions. It was documented in a book called Wisconsin Death Trip which is also the name of an excellent metal album from the band Static X.
    It's a fascinating story and I think it might be good for one of your episodes.
    Either please keep up the great work. Both my wife and I wish you much health, happiness and success.

  9. The really old mysteries are my favorite. It's crazy how messed up it was for women back then and sadly if were not careful women's rights will slowly be stripped away again. As always great video Nadi! 💕

  10. I desperately need to meet this guy! He's fuckin hilarious! Could definitely use his vibe in my life. I look forward to all these videos, like fr fr.

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