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Toshies x Metararity x SecretAlpha We’re Giving Away 3x WLs of Toshies! An Ope

Source by MetaRarity Today, Toshies is partnering with MetaRarity and SecretAlpha to bring amazing opportunities to our customers. To thank CryptoFans everywhere, we’re giving away 3 random winners an Open Edition WL of Toshies!

Toshies is a new blockchain collectible created in collaboration with MetaRarity, the leading blockchain game platform. With our innovative and entertaining game, you can explore the world of blockchain-based collectibles with a fun and interactive experience. The Open Edition WL of Toshies is a rare item with exclusive rewards and special features.

In addition to the opportunity to receive an Open Edition WL of Toshies, we’re also partnering with SecretAlpha to give 3 random winners a chance to win a special WL for their collection. This special WL is only available with our exclusive Toshies & MetaRarity partnership and is limited to those who take part in this amazing giveaway.

To enter the giveaway and be eligible for the special WL, all you have to do is register on our site and follow our social media channels, @Toshies, @MetaRarity, and @SecretAlpha. We’ll be randomly selecting 3 lucky winners who can all receive the special WL. Get involved today and don’t forget to share the giveaway with your friends!

We look forward to bringing you this amazing opportunity and all the exciting opportunities to come with MetaRarity and SecretAlpha. Our mission is to make blockchain-based collectibles accessible and fun for everyone, so join us and participate in the ride!

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